Geoff Stevens - Bass

Joined the Band

By accident

Key Facts 

 Was only meant to play one gig. Thirteen years later he is still here. After years of looking after other musicians Geoff was encouraged to play bass by Tim Beacock of 80s legends dirt dance. Both formed Kriya an original indie punk outfit. Days after the dramatic split of Kriya Geoff got the call from mike Davis. Apart from a year off trying to pass his BSc in Chemistry he is back filling up our bottom end.

Favourite Gig

70th birthday party at some dodgy pub in Poole 

Musical Influences

Red Hot Chilli peppers (of course) funk, punk and if it's done well I nick a bit of it.

Other Interests

Marine reef tank keeping, running and keeping thinner than Mossy, sleeping and eating


Warwick Corvette rock bass, TC electronic BG 250